How to get bookkeeping clients: 5 marketing tips

how to market virtual bookkeeping services

With Accountant, you’ll get an End-to-end accounting platform with bookkeeping, tax prep, payroll, and ongoing advisory services. 1-800Accountant uses its own proprietary software called ClientBooks. Some business owners used to shy away from sharing their financial data with a third-party provider. However, such beliefs are irrelevant now as numerous reliable service providers offer secure remote bookkeeping services. In addition to that, most reputed virtual bookkeeping services firms operate from safe offices and have robust monitoring software to track the activity of everything. Furthermore, systematic logs are maintained to ensure compliance, and service level agreements assure deliverables. You can start an online bookkeeping business with as little as a computer, internet connection, and basic knowledge of bookkeeping and accounting.

What is another word for bookkeeper?

In this page you can discover 7 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for bookkeeper, like: clerk, purchase-ledger, accountant, auditor, actuary, countercaster (contemptuous) and book-keeper.

You have a lot of options for managing your business’s finances. And there’s a lot of noise out there that could steer you toward services you don’t need or that aren’t comprehensive enough to cover your needs. Depending on what kind of business you run, you may get paid through monthly invoicing to your clients or customers. For a Business-of-One, even with contractors or a small number of employees, simple bookkeeping is usually sufficient. Online software is usually the lowest-cost way to do bookkeeping for your business, but that doesn’t necessarily make it the best fit.

Need help with accounting? Easy peasy.

There’s a chance you’ll have some reviews that aren’t that great. Just because you have three- or four-star reviews (or even one-star!) doesn’t mean that you should hide them.

  • Xendoo includes a free subscription to Xero accounting software and the basic QuickBooks online subscription.
  • Online client acquisition channels can offer powerful ways to meet new clients and continue to grow a client roster over time.
  • You can start with the first video or pick and choose the tutorials that you need to take.
  • As a virtual bookkeeper, you can tap into a large pool of clients from across the country.
  • I’d say at least 3-6 months to start seeing your marketing to have continuous results.

There is a significant need for these services that extend well beyond a person’s local reach. The next step is to choose a legal business entity type for your virtual bookkeeping business. Learn how to start a virtual bookkeeping business and start earning early.

Create and optimize a website that gets the right people to contact you for your services.

I saw your post and was looking to use onpay as well but wanted to see if you experience so far was good. And I have hired a marketing company to get my name out there. Alternatively, you might also want to check out Melio Payments or Veem if you need a less advanced system for your clients. Now, it is also important to figure out what you need to properly be in business.

how to market virtual bookkeeping services

Once you have created your digital marketing plan, it is important to review it regularly and evolve with the changing digital environment and your firm. Not only is that where your skills and expertise are, but you also probably don’t have much free time to focus on marketing. Not only that, but digital marketing is constantly changing and it is hard to keep up if you are not fully immersed in the space. Google ads allow your content to be shown at the top of Google, distinguished by the word Ad in front. Whereas social media ads in which you pay to have your organic posts be shown to your target demographic can also be used as a part of your marketing strategy. For example, your client may search for “tax deductions small business owners should know,” They will look at the search results on the first, maybe second, page of Google to find their answers.

Become a Virtual Bookkeeping Expert

If you expect to find new clients in different geographical regions, consider getting a local number in addition to a toll-free number. You don’t really need to buy expensive hardware either.

  • By clicking on “Learn More”, you’ll be prompted to set up a meeting with them.
  • However, they usually start from at least $1000.Thus such an enormous cost can decrease the motivation of anyone who is thinking of starting a company.
  • When referencing bookkeeping and accounting services, the terms “virtual”, “online” and “outsourced” are sometimes used interchangeably.
  • If you’re going to be working remotely and holding video calls on Zoom, I highly recommend getting a good headset that is comfortable, but more importantly, has good microphone quality.
  • Below are two ways you can effectively market your bookkeeping services on social platforms.
  • Annual profits of bookkeeping businesses vary, however, you can make anywhere from $10,000 to several million dollars a year.
  • Reconciled only engages with accounting technology that provides the security necessary to protect all of our clients.

However, it is on a budget so it sets limitations on the rate and the number of consulting hours per client. While you cannot take on an SBDC client as your own, this is a good way to hone your consulting skills and get paid while you are doing it. Start with the financial institution that you have your business accounts with and then talk to your lawyer and your insurance provider first. As a thank you, you could offer a cash bonus virtual bookkeeping services for referrals or even send a referral their way in return for a referral that you have received. I recommend you sign up with the social media platform that you are most comfortable with and then gradually add new feeds when you are ready. This is where at least 25 percent of your clients will come from. Complete your profile in its entirety, including profile picture, work experience, skills, services offered, rates, and so on.

When do companies outsource Bookkeeping Services?

Xendoo provides weekly bookkeeping, tax consulting, and tax preparation and filings. Xendoo includes a free subscription to Xero accounting software and the basic QuickBooks online subscription. Xendoo charges flat-rate pricing on either an annual or monthly basis. All plan features are clearly listed on the pricing page. Users can select the plan that fits into their monthly expenses and continue to register online to get started. Xendoo customers get 20% off payroll fees, clearly listed on the Gusto website. A virtual bookkeeper is an online bookkeeping service that helps businesses manage their finances.

  • As your Business-of-One grows from a simple freelancing or consulting operation into a bonafide business – whatever that means for you – your finances will get more complicated.
  • They’re certified in various types of accounting and standard accounting practices that keep your books in line with cross-industry accounting standards.
  • A virtual bookkeeper is likely to use online accounting software and other cloud-based platforms for their current and future clients.
  • It will all depend on how you manage and scale your business.