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It has taken less exposure in Financial, Technology sectors compared to other funds in the category. Average of the yearly returns of a mutual fund over a given period. The SIP Axis Bank calculator is a great tool for getting knowledge of the investment amount beforehand and lets users plan their investments efficiently. Axis SIP calculator is a simple and efficient online tool available to plan your SIP investments. Expense ratio – This is the cost that the scheme charges to the investors to manage their money. With auto-debit feature, firstly you don’t need to remember the debit dates as the bank account will get debited automatically on the date which you have selected for SIP.

  • Also, in the ‘Calculation of the SIP target amount’ table, one can find the details of their investments.
  • When you click on the ‘calculate’ button, based on the XIRR return, the Axis SIP calculator estimates the maturity value of your investments, for the investment period you enter.
  • The AXIS MF SIP Calculator is a great tool for getting a first-hand knowledge of the investment amount in both the conditions and let users plan investments efficiently.
  • Furthermore, if you have invested through an online portal like Scripbox, you can directly redeem from their portal by logging in and selecting the scheme.
  • Withdrawing money from SIP depends on which fund we have invested.
  • A number of months or years is the tenure of the investment.

Axis SIP calculator also helps in estimating the monthly investment amount if the investor knows how much they want to earn at the end of their investment tenure. With SIP in mutual funds, you can invest small amounts of money at regular intervals. A SIP helps you grow your money in the smartest way possible. Axis Bank SIP Calculator is an online tool that helps estimate the returns of SIP investment.

Target Amount Approach

Now, click on the ‘Monthly SIP option’ and provide all necessary details like the amount of SIP, investment duration and start date. Then, click on ‘Start SIP’, and your SIP investment will commence from the date provided by you. The Axis Bank SIP Calculator axis bluechip fund sip calculator works on the investment amount and target amount approach. The investment amount approach is the most used approach where the investors enter the amount they want to invest along with the tenure, expected rate of interest and step-up percentage.

Saving by investing regularly is the best habit, and every investor needs to inculcate it. Flexible SIP– This type of SIP allows you to alter your investment amounts. You have to inform the fund house regarding the SIP amount at least a week before the SIP instalment date. SIP return can be calculated using absolute return, annualized returns, CAGR, and XIRR.

axis bluechip fund sip calculator

To proceed, complete the registration process by providing all the necessary details. Choose the plan that you wish to invest in, select the SIP option and invest. Investing through Scripbox is as easy as online shopping and can be done within a couple of minutes. Top-up or Step-up SIP will help you increase your SIP investment amount periodically. While starting your SIP investments, you can opt for the top-up or step-up option in the application form and give the instructions accordingly. Also, Scripbox will allow you to step up your investments at any time.

Further, you can change the scheme and periods to gauge returns aiding them in their financial planning. The decision of FD vs SIP or which is better FD or SIP depends on the objectives of an investor, type of investment solution, and the understanding or acceptance of risk. There are multiple common grounds on which you can compare both the options like returns, liquidity, tax, investment objective, and risk. An investor who wants to invest in a secure and pre-determined interest providing an investment option can consider FD. While investing, everyone is curious to estimate their potential returns. Estimating returns ensures the investor whether or not the chosen SIP will help them realize their financial goals or not.

Systematic Withdrawal Plan Calculator

However, the fact is that SIP is a style of investment and not a fund/scheme or a stock or an investment avenue. It is a vehicle to invest periodically in a fund/scheme of your choice. A beta of less than 1 means that the fund returns are less volatile compared to the broader market. A beta of more than 1 means that the fund returns are more volatile than the broader markets. A beta equal to 1 means that fund’s volatility is in line with the broader market.

For this reason, a fund with a lower expense ratio is always better because a smaller part of the returns will be taken and that means more returns for you. Suppose, an investor wants to invest Rs 5,000 in an Axis mutual fund scheme over 15 years and the past XIRR of the scheme is 12.5%. Based on this historical XIRR of 12.5% from the investment, the application gives you the following results.

Furthermore, the Scripbox SIP calculator estimates maturity amount based on three growth scenarios – Above average returns, average returns and below-average returns. The calculator will automatically estimate the potential gains at the end of the investment tenure. Also, one can view the calculation of SIP Maturity Amount either in a chart or table form.

Latest Asset & Portfolio Allocation

For the tool to be more effective, it is advised to set your goals first. This way the tool can help you in calculating the monthly SIP amount needed to achieve your goals. You can even change the SIP amount gradually or change the investment period, to see how the maturity value changes.

Since, the amount is invested on regular intervals , it also reduces the impact of market volatility. A SIP Calculator is an online tool that estimates the return from a SIP investment. It requires simple inputs like investment amount or target amount, expected rate of return, investment tenure, and step-up rate. Scripbox’s SIP calculator gives the output in both graphical and chart format. The investment amount, potential capital gains and maturity amount are clearly shown. The Axis bank SIP calculator helps investors to estimate their potential returns at the end of the investment duration.

Furthermore, it is important to know that mutual fund investments are subject to market risks. Hence, investors should be mindful of the risks and understand the calculator is just an estimate of the potential returns and doesn’t guarantee them. Investment in mutual funds or any asset class comes with an inherent risk.

axis bluechip fund sip calculator

The ending and beginning values are the NAV or Net Asset Value of the fund at the beginning and ending of the investment. You confirm that you have seen and understood your investor personality by entering the OTP. The tool reduces the hassles of computing the returns, providing you with a one-stop destination. You need to just input simple information such as scheme and investment amount for the calculations. Fund age – This provides the vintage of the scheme i.e., the amount of period that the fund has been in inception.

What is SIP Calculator?

The calculator will automatically estimate the SIP target amount. Also, in the ‘Calculation of the SIP target amount’ table, one can find the details of their investments. Such as years, investment amount, interest earned and maturity amount. Furthermore, in the table, one can easily identify the Step-Up value every year .

Mobile Banking

One can plan different life goals be it such as children’s future, retirement, international holiday, holiday home, etc. You can log in to the mutual fund house page using your folio number or PAN number. Select the scheme and amount or number of units you wish to redeem.

This means the investment has grown 13.98% each year for a tenure of 7 years. The return will remain the same in terms of months as well. Investors can compare multiple return scenarios using the free online Axis Bank SIP calculator and make the right investment decisions that will help them earn significant returns. Returns from Axis SIP plans are just an estimation based on the fund’s past performance and it doesn’t guarantee future returns. The actual returns are subject to fund and market performance. The fund has the majority of its money invested in Financial, Technology, Services, Automobile, Materials sectors.

The Axis SIP calculator does all the calculations in the back end and provides you with the value of the investment over the period selected. Systematic Investment Plan allows you to make small investment at regular intervals to help you achieve your dreams. Axis Bank offers its customers a choice to start a SIP in mutual fund schemes of 20 Asset Management companies . Rolling returns are the annualized returns of the scheme taken for a specified period on every day/week/month and taken till the last day of the duration. In this chart we are showing the annualized returns over the rolling returns period on every day from the start date and comparing it with the benchmark. Rolling returns is the best measure of a fund’s performance.